End of Year Letter


Current clients, past clients, friends, and family,

In 2022, our team was fortunate to help over 60 clients and their families buy, sell, and rent their homes.  We remain incredibly grateful to the wonderful community of people who hire us to represent their interests in one of the biggest decisions of their lives. Below you will find a reflection on this year’s real estate market and what lies ahead.

As we look back on 2022, it’s safe to call it a “tale of two markets.” As 2021 closed out and we started the year anew with interest rates between 3-3.5% on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage; lows that year were found in July at 2.75% and were historic.  As I write this in late November of 2022, those rates have more than doubled to 6.5%-7%. It’s hard to overstate the impact that this has had on the market - primarily on affordability and demand, but not necessarily on average sale price.

The winter and spring of 2022 were characterized by multiple offer scenarios with buyers bidding 10-20% above the list price consistently.  This environment disappeared rapidly as rates increased in late spring and early summer and continued into the fall market.  As the fall market kicked off, buyers were seeing price moderation and in some cases reductions, but their cost to carry property increased significantly alongside rate hikes.

Looking ahead to 2023, we anticipate that the following four factors will have the most significant impact on the housing market:


  • The interest rate environment remains uncertain, but I think interest rates normalize around the 5% on 30 year fixed rate mortgages.  Buyers will make competitive offers but may decide to put less down and utilize adjustable rate mortgages at lower rates.
    • As of Sept. 9, nearly 11% of mortgage locks were for ARMs, up from 2.5 percent a year earlier 


  • Millennial home buyers, the country’s largest living generation, presently own just 4% of America’s real estate equity.  They represented 60% of home loan applications in Greater Boston in 2021.  They will continue to represent a large portion of the buyer pool.


  • Market returns to need-based clients (children, relocation, divorce, death, etc) and people looking to buy second homes or upgrade from the one they are in might rethink or wait a few more years.  As a result, inventory will remain tight as sellers will not give up their 3% rate that they refinanced into unless absolutely necessary.


  • Record low inventory will keep overall pricing stable.  Many homeowners in Massachusetts have significant equity in their homes and a rate at 3.5% or below.  As a result, they will struggle with the idea of moving and buying something at a much higher rate.  As a result, they may choose to stay put.


As markets continue to shift, the desirability of Greater Boston remains steadfast, outpacing most other major cities across the country.

Adams & Co. News

As we start 2023, I’ve added two incredible people to the Adams & Co. team so that we can better service the diverse needs of our clients:
  • Steph Crawford, a 15 year resident of the South End, can inform her clients about the unique characteristics of just about every corner of Boston. She also very much has her finger on the pulse of new residential development, which is changing Boston’s landscape quickly.
  • Jeremy Aaronson, a recent graduate of UMass Amherst and a firefighter will lead our leasing efforts moving forward, focused on driving results for our clients, running our social media work, and managing the backend of the team’s transactions.
As you think about your real estate needs in 2023 and beyond, please don’t hesitate to reach out; no question, concern, or idea is too small.  We are here to guide you toward opportunity and success in an ever-changing market and world.
Enjoy the holiday season with friends and family.  
With gratitude,
Trevor Wissink-Adams, Team Leader
Steph Crawford, Senior Sales Partner
Jeremy Aaronson, Leasing Specialist

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